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MIXSOON Bifida Toner 150ml-Toner-Pretty Glow Box

MIXSOON Bifida Toner 150ml

Dhs. 40.31
Dhs. 80.63
A high-capacity two-way toner that can either be wiped on skin or simply absorbed by skin. The more you wipe the toner, the clearer your skin tone Essential lactobacillus bifida provides skin with necessary concentrated effects with only one ingredient.

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Helps strengthen the skin barrier and helps keep the skin moist., 

After cleansing, pour a moderate amount onto a cotton pad.

Gently sweep across the entire face several times. Lightly pat with fingertips until fully absorbed.

Aqua, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Bifida Ferment Extract

Origin: South Korea

Healthy skin starts with good ingredients. The name Mixsoon is a word combination of 'mix -- collaboration' and 'soon(純) -- pure ingredient'. A harmonious collaboration of nature and beauty. Since its founding in 2020 the brand stands for minimalism and eliminating the unnecessary for our skin, with a focus on the core ingredients.