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MIXSOON - Bifida Mask Pack (5ea)-Face Mask-Pretty Glow Box

MIXSOON - Bifida Mask Pack (5ea)

Dhs. 57.19
Dhs. 114.38
#Lactobacillus care #Balance care #Moisture barrierBifida fermentation lysate is a fermentation source made by culturing ‘Bifidobacterium’, a representative of beneficial microorganisms in our body.It replenishes skin moisture and helps to remove old dead skin cells to keep the skin tone clean, helping to improve weakened skin cells.

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Replenishes skin moisture, removes old dead skin cells, improves weakend skin healthily.

After washing your face, arrange the skin texture with toner, attach the sheet to your face, and remove after 10-20 minutes.

Purified water, butylene glycol, glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, panthenol, bifida ferment lysate (5,000 ppm), xanthan gum, dipropylene glycol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, ethylhexyl glycerin, allantoin, sodium high Aluronate, Disodium EDIT, Lactobacillus fermented product Lactobacillus is one of various strains of probiotics, and it has an antioxidant effect that slows skin aging, and regulates the overall distribution of beneficial and harmful bacteria on the skin.

Origin: South Korea

Healthy skin starts with good ingredients. The name Mixsoon is a word combination of 'mix -- collaboration' and 'soon(純) -- pure ingredient'. A harmonious collaboration of nature and beauty. Since its founding in 2020 the brand stands for minimalism and eliminating the unnecessary for our skin, with a focus on the core ingredients.