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Want Healthy And Glowing Skin? Start With A Cleanser!

Want Healthy And Glowing Skin? Start With A Cleanser!

The ultimate goal for all of us is to achieve healthy, radiant and glowing skin. The first step to achieving that glow is to cleanse your face. Literally. Face Cleansers, Face Washes, whatever they may be, it is of utmost importance that you thoroughly clean your face, preferably as the first step of your skincare routine in the AM and PM, and anytime you feel it’s needed.

Since we’re entering summer, it’s important to keep in mind that summer equals sweat. And sweaty or dirty environments encourage the growth of bacteria, leading to skin rashes, irritation, acne, and so many other things that you really would want to avoid.

How To Choose The Best Cleanser For Your Skin-Type?

With a million options to choose from that cater to different skin concerns,it may be overwhelming for you to choose a face cleanser that is most suitable for your skin type. We’ve taken the initiative to help you by coming up with this fun and informative read, so that you can weigh your options and choose the right cleanser for you.

What Is My Skin Type?

Knowing your skin-type is the first step towards working on your skin concerns, as this will allow you to invest in products that will work best for you. 

Doing the “Face-Wash Test” can help you find your skin-type. In this method, you wash your face with a gentle, everyday face-cleanser, something that isn't too harsh or irritating on your skin. After 30 mins, your skin type will be revealed. Skin types are mainly categorized into the following types:

  1. Oily: 30 minutes after washing your face, you may feel like your whole face is oily. To confirm your skin type, take a blotting paper and gently wipe your face. If you find oil on the blotting paper, that means you have oily skin.
  2. Combination: If you find that your face is oily only in certain areas like the t-zone, and your cheeks are dry, then you have a combination skin type. 
  3. Normal: 30 minutes after washing your face, if you feel that there aren't any changes to your skin, then you’ll be glad to know that you have normal skin-type! People with normal skin types often make the mistake of not following a basic skincare routine. Having a normal skin type does not exempt you from skin-concerns, especially as you get older!
  4. Dry: If you have dry skin, your skin will feel tight, sensitive, or uncomfortable, after washing your face. It might also look dull.

As you get older, your skin type will change. For someone in their thirties or forties, their skin will not be able to lock in water or moisture as it did when they were in their twenties. This is why it's important to assess your skin type as you get older, because a person’s skin-type keeps changing throughout their life. 

Which Cleanser Is Best For My Skin-Type?

Which Cleanser Is Best For My Skin-Type?

Cleansers come in so many different formulations, each for different skin concerns and skin types, such as:

  1. Powder, or “ubtan” based cleansers have been around for a long time. This type is usually best suited for those with oily, sensitive skin. For oily skin types, this cleanser becomes useful for removing excess dirt and oil from the face as the powder is applied on the face after being made into a paste, by mixing with water. This is because the powder is made from natural ingredients, making it safe for sensitive skin.
  2. Gel-cleansers are used for removing excess oil and dirt on the skin, without stripping the skin of its natural oils. This type of cleanser is best for those of us with oily, acne-prone, or combination skin types. And for the same reason, this type of cleanser can be too harsh on dry skin. Those of us with oily skin are prone to acne, since our skin produces excess oil that tends to clog pores. The solution is to regulate the excess oil production. It's recommended that people with oily-skin use a gentle but effective cleanser, like a gel-based cleanser, with ingredients such as salicylic acid or Niacinamide. Using a harsh cleanser to rid the face of the oil will lead to over-stripping of the natural oils in your face, which leads to more production of oil, ultimately leading to acne.
  3. Foam-cleansers are very popular nowadays. Although they look like a gel or cream in the packaging, they turn into a foamy lather when taken out. As it penetrates the pores and cleans out any dirt, or excess sebum, they are best suited for oily and acne-prone skin types. Depending on the formulation, some foam cleansers can be too harsh for those with dry skin, and some are too gentle and don't work well enough for oily skin. It's best to research the ingredients of the foam cleanser before purchasing one, so that you can get one that is most suitable for your skin type and works to better your skin concerns. 
  4. Oil-based cleansers work by gently clearing out excess oil, sebum, or dirt from your pores. This type of cleanser is recommended to be used as the first step of double-cleansing your face, as it is oil-based, it can work to remove makeup and any other water-proof products you’ve applied on your face. Some use coconut oil or almond oil as a makeup remover, which also works well. But it's recommended that a water-based cleanser be used afterwards so as to clear out any oil residue from the face.

  5. Water-based cleansers are recommended to be used as the second step of double-cleansing your face. Following the oil-based cleanser, water-based cleansers are gentle and clean your face of any residue of makeup or skincare products you've applied, leaving your skin fully clean for moisturizing. 

    What Is Double-Cleansing?

    Since most, if not all of us, wear makeup or apply skincare products, It is recommended that you should double-cleanse your face for the best results. It's not just us at Pretty Glow Box who think double-cleansing is a must, but it's also recommended by dermatologists and skin-experts.

    Double-cleansing is the method of using an oil-based cleanser as the first step of cleansing your face, followed by a water-based cleanser. The reason this is recommended is that the Oil-based cleanser removes all the makeup and water-proof products that you’ve applied on your face. After this is removed, the water-based cleanser acts as a facial cleanser, that is, the cleanser of your choice will do its job, according to your skin type.

    Can I Use My Facial Cleanser Daily?

    Now that you’re familiar with how to find your skin-type, you can search for the right cleanser that will address your skin concerns. 

    It is recommended that the first step of your skincare routine should be to cleanse your face, in the AM and PM. Double-cleansing is necessary if you’ve worn makeup, and to properly remove sunscreen that you’ve applied throughout the day. This will make sure that your face is thoroughly clean, before moving on to the next step of your skincare routine, that is moisturisation. 

    If you have acne-prone skin, it is best to use gentle, and non-irritating cleansers so as not to further irritate your skin. 

    Which Facial Cleanser Would Be Best For Me?

    Which Facial Cleanser Would Be Best For Me?

    Well, now that you know how to find your skin-type, and which cleanser is best for each skin-type, you might be wondering which one might be best for you. Not to worry, we’ve got your back!

    Flesette’s Visible-Repair Creamy Clear Cleanser

    From Pretty Glow Box’s “Always Hydrated Beauty Product Box” Collection, the Visible Repair Creamy Clear Cleanser (100ml) is a foaming cleanser that is gentle, non-irritating and non-stripping for your skin. 

    If you're someone who is struggling with oily and acne prone skin, we would recommend Felsette’s foaming cleanser for you. It cleans out dirt from your pores and removes makeup as well, making it a great option for double-cleansing. 

    This is an excellent foam-cleanser that is mild and calming, and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and silky-soft, without a dry after-wash feel.

    Madagascar Cleansing Foam - Centella 

    A rich, foaming cleanser that removes makeup and impurities, this cleanser is made with pure Centella from Madagascar. While this cleanser does its job of cleaning the face, it doesn't leave the skin feeling too tight and dry afterwards. 

    We have put together the Forever Young Beauty Care Box, which comes with the Madagascar Centella foaming cleanser (125ml). 

    As it is very gentle, we’d recommend this skin cleanser for those of you who have sensitive skin. 

    This cleanser contains Centella Asiatica Extract, an ingredient that soothes and hydrates the skin, and also has healing properties. For this reason, we would recommend this cleanser for those who have acne-prone skin.

    In Conclusion

    At Pretty Glow Box, we believe that following a basic skincare routine is the best way to achieve your skincare goals. Hence, we’ve put together the Forever Young Box, and the Always Hydrated Box, both of which contains best skincare products of the highest quality that can be used for a complete routine.