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You Need These Face Masks to Get Back Your Natural Glow!

You Need These Face Masks to Get Back Your Natural Glow!

The most holy-grail face mask of the season!

If you’re a girl that loves trying new skincare products, we’ve got a variety of the very best face masks for glowing skin. And if you’re new to skincare and just looking for something light and refreshing, stay with us, ‘cause we’ve got you!

Before we introduce you to your soon-to-be favourite line of face masks, let’s understand WHY you need to regularly use them!

best face masks for glowing skin

What are the benefits of applying a face mask regularly?

  • A good face mask will keep your skin hydrated, especially in extreme climatic conditions.
  • The best face mask is one that can help bring back your natural glow.
  • Get rid of residue makeup and dust that collects onto your face, and help reduce pimples by keeping your skin clean from deep within.
  • Pulls out impurities from your pores and reduces acne scars.
  • Reduces black circles.
  • Slows down early signs of aging such as fine lines and blemishes.
  • Helps you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

    How regularly should you be applying a face mask?

    A face mask for your skin is meant to keep your skin clean and hydrated so ideally, it should be applied thrice a week. But if you have a super busy schedule, once over the weekends can do the trick just as well!

    Keep in mind that this may also depend on your skin type. People with dry skin can use a face mask more often as compared to people dealing with oily skin.

    In what order should you be applying your face mask?

    In what order should you be applying your face mask?

    It is important to follow the right steps in your skincare routine before going in with a face mask.

    Ideally, you should first exfoliate and cleanse your skin and then apply a face mask, This helps clarify the base and helps your skin absorb the most benefits from the face mask that you opt for.

    After keeping the face mask on for a good 15-20 minutes, you can go ahead and wash it off with lukewarm water. It is essential that you apply a gentle moisturiser right after to ensure a good moisture lock for your skin.

    What is the ideal age to start using face masks?

    Face masks are highly not recommended to children below the age of 5. But to get the most out of your face mask, it's ideal to start using them in your early teens. Be sure to check the ingredients of the mask so that you don’t have an allergic reaction, especially when you’re much younger with sensitive skin.

    Sheet mask Vs. Tube Mask— what's better?

    A tube mask or one that comes in bottled packaging can be used multiple times, but when compared to a sheet mask, it isn't as hygienic. We recommend using sheet masks as they work faster and are less likely to give you an allergic reaction.

    Lastly, the moment you’ve been waiting for— we’ve found the perfect brand of Sheet Masks to ensure you get your natural glow back on.

    Introducing: KinGirls Glow It Face Mask — which comes with a variety of solutions such as Glow It, Firm It, Soothe It, and more.

    They’re perfect for this season because:

    • They help boost hydration that makes your skin glow.

    • They keep your skin moisturised longer.

    • They can aid towards reducing dark circles and acne marks.

    • They’re soothing on the skin and can help you feel rejuvenated!

    • Easy to use and 100% hygienic.

    • Suitable for all skin types and climates.

    And, the best thing? They’re available in this month’s Pretty Glow Box!

    So whatever your need be, this brand has the perfect mask for you! Order your Pretty Glow Box and glow on, girl!